Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Some comments and questions we have received, keep asking news ones!
You can talk through the chatbox, email, IM, anything!

Is this a business plan?
Not really.  There is no 'overhead' that takes expenses out of the fund for the scholarship.  If anyone would like to donate a domain name or anything like that it would be fine, but we're not seeking any donations for the scholarship fund.  Part of the whole point is it being supplied just by browsing and online shopping that people would do normally.

Anon as in Anonymous?
Yes indeed, anon as in Anonymous.

I sense alot of possible complications...
Well there shouldn't be that many, there aren't any direct donations, and beggars can't be choosers.  If someone starts to cause too much trouble it's easy to stop assisting and shopping through the program and visiting the blog, or easy to cut off scholarship to someone.

How can I help more?
Instead of just attempting to remember to use the shopping link everytime, you can make your own upromise account and install their toolbar so you'll be notified anywhere you go if you can save money or not.

Currently funded from upromise: $29.92
Google adsense currently: $18.94


  1. interesting system you got going here! i hope it grows and good luck with it!

  2. Good luck m8! I will stay tuned to see how this goes

  3. I hope this all goes well!
    And I'm wanting to be a screenwriter haha

  4. good luck with this, I'll have to stay on top of it

  5. Good luck with this endeavor.

  6. Nice plan mate, good luck!

  7. i believe in this scholarship! :]

  8. interesting idea. hope it works out

  9. this is an interesting idea i hope it works out and hope to hear more about it

  10. It's nice to see there's still people out there trying to help others.