Saturday, April 16, 2011

Possible Restrictions

Some concern has been expressed as to making sure the money from the scholarship is spent in an efficient manner and that the anons receiving it don't waste any.
Recipients will need to:

  • Apply for FAFSA
  • Look into their school's grant and fee waiver programs
  • Purchase their books for the cheapest price online, ahead of time before classes start, most likely on
  • Prove that they don't drop classes (the first quarter/semester they have the scholarship only half will be paid initially, any dropped classes will be subtracted from the 2nd payment)

More restrictions will probably come later, but these initial things are things every student should be doing anyway as it is.  As usual keep making your online purchases through upromise to benefit your fellow anon.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Q/A part2

More questions and explanations from comments and the chatbox:
No one responded to what I said in the meebo chat box to the right, can anyone see it?
Yes even if there is no immediate response, your messages can and will be read.

What is a scholarship?
*facepalm* A scholarship is "a grant-in-aid to a student (as by a college or foundation)". In this case it means the money from this fund used for assisting a student with their college costs.

How much will the scholarship be for? How many people?
The scope is entirely unknown currenty, it all depends on how much people do the upromise website and buy stuff through the links and how much money is generated in the end to be spread around.

Won't the scholarship receivers just spend the money on booze and drugs?
No, anyone getting money through the scholarship will only have the money paid directly to the school by the Anon Scholarship, at no point will the anon get to have the money in their possession.

Also if anyone is an artist or anything or has an idea for a logo that would be appreciated very much.
Don't forget all the links below either!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Some comments and questions we have received, keep asking news ones!
You can talk through the chatbox, email, IM, anything!

Is this a business plan?
Not really.  There is no 'overhead' that takes expenses out of the fund for the scholarship.  If anyone would like to donate a domain name or anything like that it would be fine, but we're not seeking any donations for the scholarship fund.  Part of the whole point is it being supplied just by browsing and online shopping that people would do normally.

Anon as in Anonymous?
Yes indeed, anon as in Anonymous.

I sense alot of possible complications...
Well there shouldn't be that many, there aren't any direct donations, and beggars can't be choosers.  If someone starts to cause too much trouble it's easy to stop assisting and shopping through the program and visiting the blog, or easy to cut off scholarship to someone.

How can I help more?
Instead of just attempting to remember to use the shopping link everytime, you can make your own upromise account and install their toolbar so you'll be notified anywhere you go if you can save money or not.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Anon scholarship, what is it about?  Why it's a college scholarship for anons of course.
How does it work? It mainly functions around a site called upromise and shopping through the links on it for a small % of money back.  Upromise is able to function in this manner with giving the consumers money back because generally people are more fooled and likely to buy things when they think they're getting something back, is simple psych.
So just visit this blog and when you buy stuff online do it through the link.  Currently the upromise account is linked to the partner Sallie Mae online bank account. Why? Because 1) It has a pretty good interest rate for while the money is sitting in it and 2) it also matches 10% of whatever is earned through upromise.
So the money that is earned, continues earning. As well as the adsense account being linked for deposits as well.

What's the point? Well with enough people it can be enough money to actually create a scholarship for anons and such.  Initially we'll only be shooting for community college level until it gets bigger.
The accounting practices will be transparent, people will have a say in how funds are dispersed and scholarships awarded, odd demands on the scholarship receivers can be put forward.

This will not be your typical scholarship, there will be accountability on behalf of the student, only part of the funds will be paid at the beginning, and when possible will be paid directly to the school, not letting the scholarship receiver being able to dick around with the money, and other payment given on successful completion of coursework.

It will take several months to build up enough funds to bother even funding 1 anon, but depending on how many people enroll and stick with it will see how much funds there get to be.
There are no operating expenses, no skimming off the top, all records will be provided at request.

Questions, comments, etc please ask away.  Questions and answers will be reblogged for adequate information for everyone.

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